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Accueil - Research


salle des conseils

Research is at the essence of academic distinction and stature, whether on a national, European, or international scale. University Paris II Panthéon-Assas thus endeavors to:

  • respond to a scientific demand that relies increasingly on synergism and cooperation, by aggregating research themes and creating a genuine cross-disciplinarity between diverse research centers
  • encourage a continuity between teaching and research, by more tightly aligning our masters programs with research teams and associated UMR CNRS research laboratories
  • intensify collaborations and partnerships, with the dual advantage of reciprocity and international scientific exchange.

Éditions Panthéon-Assas

Every year our scientific production translates into a rich collection of books and articles.  Created in 1998, "Éditions Panthéon-Assas" publishes PhD theses and conferences, all the while re-editing the works of otherwise unobtainable classic authors.