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Accueil - Projet Bloomberg (4510)

Projet Bloomberg (4510)

Code interne : 4510
Programme de cours :

(mars 2020)

Responsable : Madame le professeur Nathalie COLUMELLI

Understanding of today’s markets is determined by the quality of information and tools one can access. Sound, rigorous market, company and industry analytics are the starting point. Bloomberg brings what is needed to examine fundamentals, assess relative value and understand corporate strategies in play. Getting insight into thousands of companies in more than 130 industries or understanding the driving forces behind the movements in major asset classes, credit metrics, economics, and government policy. The Bloomberg Terminal brings together all the data, news and analytics to provide a complete understanding of companies, industries and markets.

The course objective is to increase the students’ professionalism, familiarity and fluency in using Bloomberg services and terminals.

Using Bloomberg as their sole Data provider, they will deliver a project of their choice (company analysis, credit analysis, portfolio return analysis, market prediction, technical analysis…) in small groups of 3 students.