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Centre Assas - Amphi 4 (92 rue d'Assas 75006 PARIS)
Ajouter au Calendrier 27/03/2020 13:00 PM 27/03/2020 15:00 PM Europe/Paris Transformation and modernisation of justice in the UK: for better or for worse ? Current Legal Issues Centre Assas - Amphi 4 (92 rue d'Assas 75006 PARIS) false MM/DD/YYYY
Current Legal Issues

Géraldine Gadbin-GeorgeGéraldine GADBIN-GEORGE is an Associate Professor at Panthéon-Assas University. She is a solicitor and a former avocat at the Paris bar. At a time when a major reform of French justice is underway (further to two statutes of 23 March 2019), Geraldine will explain that over the last 20 years similar reforms aimed at modernising justice and making it more efficient and speedier have been carried out in the United Kingdom. However, under the cover of improving access to justice – by reforming procedure or digitalizing the judicial process – Geraldine will consider whether the actual objective of those reforms might be to save public money, even to the detriment of the quality of the judicial process.

La conférence se déroulera en anglais.

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Centre Assas - Amphi 4 (92 rue d'Assas 75006 PARIS)
Adresse : Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, 92 rue d'Assas 75006 Paris