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De 17h à 19h
Centre Assas - Amphi 4 (92 rue d'Assas 75006 Paris)
Ajouter au Calendrier 12/08/2021 17:00 12/08/2021 19:00 Europe/Paris Fundamental Rights in the Age of Brexit: Who Is Really Taking Back the Control? Current Legal Issues Centre Assas - Amphi 4 (92 rue d'Assas 75006 Paris) false MM/DD/YYYY
Current Legal Issues

Portrait de Dr Peter DunneRésumé : Brexit – the process by which the United Kingdom formally left the European Union in January 2020 – has had a profound impact on British politics, culture and wider society. Given the important role which the EU has played in extending rights and freedoms to Union citizens, particular concern has been raised about whether such rights will continue to apply in the post-Brexit era. In this lecture, we will explore the impact of Brexit for UK law, asking whether the price of ‘taking back control’ has been a (inevitable or otherwise) reduction in fundamental rights.

Intervenant : Dr Peter DUNNE is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol Law School and an Associate Member of Garden Court Chambers. Dr Dunne’s research focuses on the intersections of EU law, family law and human rights. He has a particular expertise in the law relating to sexual orientation and gender identity. Dr Dunne is currently undertaking funded research on the voice of children and adolescents, diversity in the family justice system and the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union. He regularly works with public actors, including the EU Commission and the UK Government. Dr Dunne completed his legal training at UCD, Harvard Law School, University of Cambridge and Trinity College Dublin.

La conférence se déroulera en anglais. L'accès à l'événement est ouvert aux membres de la communauté universitaire.

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Centre Assas - Amphi 4 (92 rue d'Assas 75006 Paris)
Adresse : Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, 92 rue d'Assas 75006 Paris