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Accueil - Assas Main Library

Assas Main Library


The Assas Main Library is located at the 1st floor of the Centre Assas. It remains the main workplace and research centre for all scholars and researchers of the University and it was renovated from 2008 to 2012 to provide warm and comfortable seats for all readers of the Library. Lights in the Hall are designed by the French designer Philippe Starck.

All members of the Library staff are available to help and guide users in their researches. A large variety of services all also provided at your convenience.

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Bibliothèque d'Assas

The Assas Main Library is only accessible to students, teachers-researchers and staff members of the Paris 2 — Panthéon-Assas University who hold valid Assas ID cards. Identity will be checked at the entrance of the Centre Assas.

The Library does however serves public other than members of the University. Any public seeking for access to this Main Library such as full-time students of overseas universities must prealably contact the Library backoffice at this address : Access to the Main Library may be granted only on Saturday during the University semestres due to limited seats during the weekdays. Access is granted at all the opening days during other periods. 


The Assas Main Library catalogue covers large domains on legal materials, social science, economics and politics for France, Europe and international jurisdictions. It retains all material for researching in French language but also in English for International Law, European Law or Common Law domains. 27 000 documents are open-access to users and 18 000 are retained in the Library storage.

Most of courses materials needed by the 2nd grade (Licence 2) to 4th grade (Master 1) students are available, giving vital support for researchers and students of the University (French law Codes, International treaties, Thesis, journal, magazines,...)  Its unique collection is also supported by a rare depository of unique documents kept in storage; its collection can be requested by users at the Front office of the Library.

A "Foreign materials" section located at the centre area of the Library comprises International newspapers and journal from all around the world in English, Spanish, German and Italian. Handbook, grammar books or dictionaries for foreign languages and French language can be found in order to support students studies and prepare for language certifications.

To retrieve item from the Library storage, users may find the requested document in the Library catalogue website. The item can be booked by logging in your user account and click on the "Réserver" button shown at the bottom of the notice. The item should be delivered for pickup within 20 minutes at the front-office. Please ask a librarian if help is needed.

The digital collection provides numerous online law and economics journal, digital version of several books, domestic legal databases (Dalloz, Lexis360, Francis Lefebvre,...) or international legal databses (JSTOR, Westlaw, LexisNexis, Factiva,...).  It can be accessed from your personal student hub (Environnement Numérique de Travail, ENT).


Borrowing policy

Materials can be loaned at the limit of 5 documents during 14 days. Borrowing duration can be extended for another period of 14 days by accessing the Library user account on the Library catalogue website.

Loan and return of all materials is performed via self-services machines located in the main Hall, at the side of the front-office. Your University student card will be needed using the barcode on the back of the card.

Material can also be returned outside the Main Library opening hours within the Library book container located next to the frontdoor.


Reference services composed of Master and PhD Law students of the University and full-time librarians is provided by the Main Library to help you guide your researches and find pertinent information efficiently. The reference service division (Tutorat documentaire) is located at the right wing of the Main Library, next to self-service loan machines.

Macbook desktop computers with dedicated seats are also installed throughout the Library. Electronic devices such as USB keys, portable laptop and iPad tablets can be borrowed from the frontoffice desk of the Library for the whole day; non-return of the device at the end of the day can lead to suspension of borrowing facilities or restriction of access to your Faculty results.

Copying and printing services is also provided at the rightwing corner of the Library.


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92 rue d'Assas
75006 Paris
The Assas Main Library is available for all students, teachers-researchers and staff members of the Paris 2 — Panthéon-Assas University.
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Ligne 4, station Vavin
Ligne 12, station Notre Dame des Champs

Luxembourg ou Port-Royal

Ligne 82, arrêt Notre Dame des Champs


92, rue d'Assas, 75006 PARIS
Tél. : 01 44 41 58 93

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