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With documentary resources specialized in law, economics and business administration, as well as in information and communication sciences, the libraries of Panthéon-Assas create, conjointly, an impressive and extensive information network:
-    the University Library (SCD) expanding over three centers (Assas, Vaugirard, and Melun) with collections especially dedicated to students from L1 to M1.
-    30 specialized libraries, belonging to research centers, institutes, and reading rooms contain resources destined principally for M2, doctoral students, and researchers.
-    a collective database complete with online catalogues, publications, and periodicals, as well as databases for law, economics, business administration, and media, including examination annals, courses, theses, dissertations...

Bibliothèque du centre Assas  bibliotheques-bandeau-3  Salle Cujas

This prodigious network depends on three of Paris' vast academic libraries as well, each opened to Panthéon-Assas students:
-    the Sainte-Geneviève Library with approximately two million documents.
-    the Sainte-Barbe Library with 100000 consultable references.
-    the Cujas Library with over one million volumes, where Panthéon-Assas theses can be consulted and inter-library lending is arranged.

The new Assas Library

Under current renovation, the surface area of the entirely refreshed and modernized library at our Assas site will be multiplied threefold, augmenting both reading and computerized work space.

Thanks to free access to a large part of our collections, the creation of a lending capacity of 50000 volumes and the extension of our Wifi network, this new library will generate new services designed to improve and promote the university's documentary offering.

Key figures

-     3434m²: the total surface seating area of the libraries of Panthéon-Assas
-    222800 : the number of volumes in the existing collection
-    10000 : the average number of acquisitions per year
-    2387: the number of periodicals available
-    19000 : the number of accessible on-line publications


The University library is closed during university holidays (Christmas vacation, spring break, and summer vacation from mid-July until September).

Opening hours vary from library to library, depending on the period, center, and its specialization. Each is listed individually on the university website.

Inscriptions to the university library are done by simple presentation of student or faculty cards, implying, at the same time, acceptance of the following rules:
 -student or faculty ID cards are required for library access, consultation of library resources, and declaration of any eventual loss.
-the right to borrow will be suspended in the event of late return, and that for a duration equal to the amount of time lapsed after the due date.
-the use of mobile phones or any other devise diffusing music is forbidden, risking exclusion.

mise à jour le June 26, 2013

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