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Schools and Institutes

University Panthéon-Assas is intent on cultivating a true synergy between research, instruction, and application. It offers a broad choice of courses both in initial and continuing education, coalescing study abroad and field work :

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Centre for Study and Research into Building and Housing (CERCOL)
  • University Diploma in Real Estate

Centre for Lifelong Learning (CFP)
  • Courses (DEUST, DU, degrees, masters, etc.) (FC, with training contract)
  • Preparation for and organisation of TOEIC English test
  • Preparation for the entrance examination to the training course for auctioneers
  • Preparation for the written examinations in the entrance competition for the French School for Magistrates (École nationale de la magistrature/ENM)

Inter-university Centre for Training in Personnel Management (CIFFOP)
  • Master 2 Human Resources Management and Labour Relations (P, FC, with training contract)
  • Master 2 International Human Resources Management (P, FC, with training contract)

European College of Paris
  • Master 2 European Litigation (P, with training contract)
  • Master 2 European Business Law (P) and option Franco-German Lawyer
  • Master 2 European Union law (R)
  • LL.M. in European Law (teaching in English)

Paris School of Law and Management
  • Master 2 Business Law and Management / MBA (P, with training contract)

Sorbonne-Assas International Law School - Paris - Singapore

Paris Institute of Criminology
  • Certificate in Criminal Sciences
  • Certificate in Criminology
  • Diploma of the Paris Institute of Criminology
  • University Diploma in Criminology and Victimology

Institute of Business Law (IDA)
  • Diploma of the Institute of Business Law

Paris Institute of Comparative Law (IDC)
  • LL.M. major Arabic Business Law
  • LL.M. major French, European and International Law
  • Master 2 European Comparative Law (R) and option Franco-German Lawyer

Institute of History of Law
  • Diploma in History of Law

Institute of Higher International Studies (IHEI)
  • Certificate in General International Studies (CEIG)
  • Certificate in International Legal Studies (CEJI)
  • Certificate in Advanced Research (CRA)

French Press Institute (IFP)
  • University Diploma of the French Press Institute

Institute of Judicial Studies (IEJ)
  • Preparation for competitive entrance to the French School for Magistrates (École nationale de la magistrature (ENM)
  • Preparation for competitive entrance to the French Higher School for the Police (ENSP) and the School for Officers of the French Gendarmerie (EOGN)
  • Drafting of the entrance examination for the Regional Training Centre for French Lawyers (CRFPA) and preparation for the examination

Paris Institute for Preparation for the Civil Service (IPAG)
  • External civil service competitive examinations (categorie A)
  • Internal civil service competitive examinations (categorie A)
  • Competitive entrance examinations for the Police Force (commissaire, lieutenant and constable)
  • Competitive entrance examination for Administrative Magistrate
  • Competitive entrance examination for Director of Legal Protection of Young People
  • Degree in Public Administration

 L3, M1 and M2 Management and New Technologies - MNT (ex IUP)
  • Degree in Management and New Technologies
  • Master 1 Management and New Technologies
  • Master 2 Management and New Technologies (P, with training contract)

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