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Student life

At University Panthéon-Assas, we place high priority not only on the intellectual excellence and harmony of our students, but also on their personal and physical well-being.  The university encourages, sponsors, and organizes a full array of pedagogical, professional, athletic and cultural activities from conferences and symposiums, debates and discussions, to moot courts and awards ceremonies, sporting events and follow, one after the other, as a kind of perpetual testimony to the richness of university life and the exchange that it encourages. What is more, by the sheer diversity, spirit, and vitality of the student associations within our walls, this reservoir of recreational initiatives is continually enriched and replenished.

  • A diversified program April 21, 2010

    Dedicated to broadening both personal and intellectual horizons, the university parallels its wide choice of academic offerings with an equally impressive range of extra-curricular activities; students can practise sports, explore languages, or, through hands-on remedial workshops, confront the professional world that awaits them Lire la suite

  • Accompaniment, day by day April 21, 2010

    Through a variety of financial, technical, and human resources mobilized especially to accompany them along their academic path, students are not only guided in course and program selection but are also aided in the event of difficulty. Lire la suite

Student associations

At the origin of fifty or more associations, are students willing to take on all issues (academics, sports, music, societal debates, acts of solidarity), defending their opinions and predilections, affirming their centers of interest, promoting their university.  They create spaces of mutual help and conviviality as constructive as they are formative, where, even in the air of festivity, their core values of democracy, citizenship, justice, and creativity hold firm.

For those wanting to create an association, the Cultural Service is there to help, assisting with the modalities or eventually attributing financial aid through the FSDIE (Fonds de solidarité et de développement des initiatives étudiantes).

These associations are opened to all those willing to invest actively in their university, to take part in its rich and varied campus life !

mise à jour le May 12, 2010

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