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Professional Environment

University of Panthéon-Assas strives to:

-    accentuate the professionalization of its programs
-    create, in advance, a pool of professional opportunities by monitoring the market place and maintaining numerous business partnerships
-    multiply both ongoing and future professional training and prospective employment offers

By achieving these objectives, the university can best respond to student needs as well as competitive market demands, offer courses that take into account employer expectations and eventual entry into a job market that is in perpetual mutation.

The Professionalization of programs

The university offers 24 apprenticeships :
- 4 vocational degrees 
- 1 Master of management sciences
- 18 vocational Masters

Recognized diplomas can be obtained, all the while forging a real professional experience with remuneration, through apprenticeships that take place, often in a weekly rhythm of 2.5 days, at the university and alternately the workplace (opened to students under the age of 26).


The UEP apprenticeship is unique in that it replaces the traditional second academic semester by four months of hands-on training, familiarizing students of M1 Law, Political Science, and/or Business Administration with the surrounding business world.


University  Panthéon-Assas endeavors to create a genuine synergy between the realm of education/research and the economic world.  The  Bureau d'Aide à l'Insertion Professionnelles (BAIP) attaches utmost importance to:
-    giving students keys to the job market : insertion tools (Directory of graduates,  Surveys of former Students), Occupational forums, and/or CV workshops
-    establishing sustainable relationships and working in concert with enterprises to define promising careers, profiles in demand, courses to develop.

Training and employment

Students interested in training or employment should contact:
-    the job-training unit of the CIO (opened to L1, L2, L3, and M1 students)
-    Bureau d'Aide à l'Insertion Professionnelle (opened to M2 and Doctorate Students)

Many multinationals, banks, law firms, and renowned French administrations are already in partnership with the university:  Air France, The Embassy of the United States, the National Assembly, AXA Insurance, Baker & McKenzie, Bank Populaire, BFM, Bouyges, Carrefour, the Chamber of Notaries, the State Council, Crédit Municpal, Danone, EADS, France Télécom/ Orange, Groupe Lagardère, LVMH, Paris' City Hall, the National Marine, the Justice Ministry, OCDE, PSA, RATP, Renault, Sanofi-Aventis, the Senate, SNCF...

mise à jour le May 12, 2010

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